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Hygieia Pharma Grade Paper

Our papers are suitable for printing journals, text books, reference books, calendars and a variety of other commercial printing applications as well as for notebooks, diaries and so on.

Our surface-sized Maplitho product portfolio includes five brands. Each of these products offers a differentiated proposition and is targeted to meet unique needs of discerning customers.

  • Superior quality ‘Premium Surface sized paper’ meant for Pharma leaflets
  • Excellent runnability on hi-speed offset & automatic folding machines
  • 90 brightness paper in blue-white shade
  • Alkaline sizing for added archival quality that extends the life of the document
  • Made with ECF pulp

Standard Grammages: 60, 70, 80

Properties Unit Specification
Basis Weight GSM 56 ± 2.5%
Bulk cc/g 1.30 Min.
Breaking Length
MD meters 4500 Min.
CD meters 2500 Min.
Bendtsen Smoothness
TS ml / min 80 – 150
WS ml / min 150 – 270
Brightness % ISO 90 ± 1
Cobb TS / WS GSM 21 Max.
Opacity % 90
Double Folds – (L&W) MD/CD No's, Min. 12/8
  • Manufactured with superior strength properties and smooth surface.
  • Gives good printability & folding property.
  • Having Good Opacity of paper
  • Customized for Pharma literature application
  • Food Grade Certified (US FDA) tested at SGS Lab.
  • Free from ‘Penta Chloro Phenol’ (PCP) & Chloroform Soluble Extractive
  • Pharma – Leaflets printing for Domestic & Export

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